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Don't even think about replacing your carpets or sofas until you have spoken to 1st 4 Cleaner Carpets Kenilworth to see what we can do for you.   You will be very surprised at our reasonable prices, the quality of our work and the integrity of our Company.   You can rely on us to give you the service you rightly deserve.


If you have just moved to a new home?  Wouldn't it be great to know there is no evidence of the previous owners left in the carpets?  That they are all fresh and clean for you to welcome you to your new home.

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We dont cut corners..... we clean them

 We know a lot of people are reluctant to trust carpet cleaners, as it seems for every professional company, there are many more with no training, no experience, with cheap equipment purchased on Ebay, that look like the real deal, but leave you with sodden carpets that are no cleaner than when they started.


 We hear this on a daily basis, where people thought they were using a reputable company, only to find themselves out of pocket and disappointed.